Miller & Kreisel MK Sound K7 Satellite Speaker (Black)

1948 Holly Rd Highland Park, IL
8 0 1

This pre-owned M&K K-7 Satellite Speaker is in excellent condition - both physically and functionally. Comes with original Miller and Kreisel K7 Owner's Manual. The original MSRP for this K-7 speaker was $249.

- 2 x 4" WOOFER
- Impedance: 4 Ohms
- 10 - 150 WATTS
- Dimensions: 12 - 7/8" x 4 - 7/8" x 6" (8 lbs)

For those who need more performance than the K-5, the K-7 satellite is the choice, delivering greater output, power handling, and dynamic range. Standing 5-1/2" taller than the K-5, but with the same width and depth, it gains its performance advantage through the addition of a second treated paper cone woofer.

Like the K-5, the K-7 features an M&K phase focused crossover network and full magnetic shielding. It's response extends from 80 to 20 kHz with an extremely flat ±2.5 dB.

8 0 1


1948 Holly Rd
Highland Park, IL


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