Catareena Kingsbury

7710 E 4th Ave Denver, CO
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For the past several months I have have been collecting various odds & ends from around the world. I have have been perfecting working with syntyhetic fibers and learning to work with new materials for my new collection of assemblage puppets.
Here we have "Catareena Kingsbury". Her head is porcelain (posable) and adorned with acrylic paints and transfers. Hand blown glass eyes from Germany (pink). Mind blowing vintage, plaid doll glasses that I found in Poland. Pocket watch parts removed and painted by yours truly. An old music box ballerina. Synthetic crotcheted dreadlocks (Long Hair Don't Care). A composition doll arm. An old spool wooden arm. Wire, Old barn wire. A prehistoric Kingsbury beer bottle which I brought back to life with acrylics. Two vintage factory spool legs - one form Kentucky and one from Osaka, Japan. More paint. Nuts. A touch of glitter. Industrial hardening resin. Matte finish UV protectant spray. Fabric. Rhinestones. And ... an old school Human League pin.
Catareena Kingsbury is a quiet and mostly conservative girl. She enjoys Vacation Bible School but was kicked out for dancing. She LOVES dancing. Sher loves The Human League, Cyndi Lauper and Bananarama. She always has something on her mind. It is constantly turning. And she is always on the look out for the perfect guy. If she does not find him soon, her intention is to adopt 17 cats.
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Thanks. I like writing them. :)


I love your descriptions!

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7710 E 4th Ave
Denver, CO


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