New X-Men Vol. 2 #33 (2007)

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Contains the story "Mercury Falling Part 1 of 4".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
#JulianKeller deals with the significant increase in his power levels and the resulting loss of fine control over his telekinesis. #X23 is concerned for him and Emma confronts her on her feelings for him. She uses this as an opportunity to once again try and drive Laura away, telling the young clone that she is a danger to her new friends because she is a programmed killing machine. #CessilyKincaid overhears this and goes off on #EmmaFrost for being so cruel. Cessily invites Laura to coffee to discuss her crush on #Hellion and X-23 reluctantly goes along. #Cyclops apologizes to #Surge and #Prodigy for dismissing their concerns about #Nimrod and gives Nori full control over her team. Cessily bond over coffee but are interrupted by an assault force under the command of Kimura. They blow up the Grind Stone café and engage the girls in battle. X-23 tries to send #Mercury away but it turns out that it is Cessily that Kimura and her crew are after!

#Marvel #NewXMen #comics #firstprinting

105 0 1


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