1906 PA Porcelain License Plate

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1906 Pennsylvania Porcelain license plate. As far as I know this is the 3rd lowest number 1906 plate left
Even with the gouge on the fort its still worth a pretty penny . I had offers as low as $5 , I sold it for $820

# Rare Pa Plate


I was expecting $200-300 when I first looked them up because that was the average price but I started getting alot of $500-800 offers and I had a professional tell me its hard to put a price Cuz there's not much to go by . Im guessing the big deal was it was the first year and was a 3 digit . In the pa plate collectors world how many has even held one . Ha ha it was a great deal for me im guessing its what its worth to ones self .
I sold a 1942 Hubert herr koo koo clock for $285 I picked it up for $15 . A 1990 statue of micky noises brother I can't remember his name oh Ozwald the rabbit but paid $15 sold for $210.
Only ever made big scores on crazy collectibles I would have never thought would sell,
Moral is do your homework


wow $820 for that is insane lol


Yes I did , I got it cheap to but at the time the person who sold it and I didn't know what it was !
And yes $820 does seam like a lot but it maybe the 3rd very oldest 1st year plates were issued in pa and maybe the only 3 digit plate for 1906 . That's a piece of history in your hands .
Because they are porcelain they didn't survive and the neat thing is the first person to get a plate was #1 , 2nd person #2 so forth so that was a fairly new plate off the press being #300s ,


Damn you made a nice amount off it!

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