New Ultimate All-in-One Tank Complete System Reef Ready & Cycled

2976 Sonrisa Dr Corona, CA
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This reef ready tank comes with an appropriately sized aquarium heater, a reef octopus HOB protein skimmer, 2 Nano powerheads with more than enough flow to grow demanding SPS corals, a Nano desktop media reactor for biopellets gfo etc, a kessil LED w/ gooseneck clamp, and an Innovative Marine refugium grow light bar that is on the back attached by its own adhesive. It is on the back pointing into the middle section or the “Nano refugium” and it would be good for growing chaetomorpha or other macroalgae, which would further reduce nitrates/phosphates and act as a breeding ground for copepods and amphipods. This is EVERYTHING you will need in a fish tank system to keep and quickly grow an all SPS tank or mixed reef while keeping a stable, low nutrient, low maintenance system. The equipment set up is really clean, as if they were all made for this tank. If you were interested, I’d be happy to teach you how to use all equipment and what their major purposes are, and the main goals you’d want to achieve as a reefer. I’ve spent A LOT of time studying marine biology and ecosystems as well as coral health, coloration and maximum photosynthetic yield with relation to conditions. Do not be mistaken; this is the ultimate tank. I have everything aforementioned on my main tank, just not the “Nano” versions and I have never had to do a single water change and barely do any maintenance. Fish are happy colorful, have a huge bioload, and coral are growing like crazy. don’t spend a couple thousand building a reef tank (especially your first one), buy my system and have the tank of your dreams without having to do any of the work or research👍🏼 I would be happy to also provide enough pukani live rock, chaetomorpha and sand for this system.

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2976 Sonrisa Dr
Corona, CA


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