The Mighty Thor #455

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Thor storms Asgard and tries a direct assault. Loki, possessing the body of Odin, mercilessly beats him. Balder and Sif confront Karnilla, and using her own Norn Stones, defeat her easily. Sif arrives and opens the Soul Shroud, freeing an enraged Odin. Odin and Loki’s spirits battle, but not for long. Casting Loki out, Odin reclaims his body. Fulfilling her part of the bargain, Sif reopens the Shroud, claiming Loki’s soul for Mephisto. Odin tells them that only one person can free Thor from his prison, if Eric has the courage, and is willing to risk his life. Elsewhere, Dr Strange senses strange mystical energy and goes to investigate. He discovers Bloodaxe, who can see and affect his astral form, but checking on the noise from her roof, Susan gets caught between them.

41 0 1


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