Power Pachyderms #1 (Featured On AT4W)

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So, I've been picking up back issues of Power Pack ever since the rumor dropped that Marvel Studios was developing a movie based on the young team (as the series isn't very well-collected, and I might as well grab the books before the film drives up the prices), and my dealer asked me if I wanted this spoof book as well.

Now, as a fairly-avid viewer of Atop The Fourth Wall (the weekly comic review show), I immediately leapt at the opportunity to own this hilariously-bad parody book Linkara tackled on his show. Does it reflect the whole "young kids handling a world too adult for them" angle Power Pack explored, but in a satirical way? Of course not! That would be clever! Is it really that much of a Power Pack parody to begin with? Again, of course not! Granted, it was originally conceived as a parody of the original TMNT (itself a parody of Daredevil), which ended up being more of an X-Men parody, but you'd think the name being an obvious play on "Power Pack" would lend the book to some kind of Power Pack parodying.

Still, it's so entertainingly misled in its attempts at humor, that I had to own it.

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