Cat Skull Fascinator Of Absolute Supremeness

E 6th Ave Denver, CO
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This fascinator is a must have for any stylist lady who loves just a touch of the macabre. Beautifully shaped and detailed, I added (by hand sewing) a cruelty free cat skull that I dyed for a aging effect. Giant porcupine quills jet out of the back of the skull for a dramatic flair (and eye poking for creepers). The skull is covered with teeny snail shells and a small piece of celluloid fruit.
Mechanical vintage BLINKING doll eyes flutter and flirt at you sport this spectacular piece. I also added lashes from the dime store for a beauty effect.
Vintage floral pods and branches highlight around the brim for dramatic effect and a tiny vintage Catholic Sunday School church pin sets it off and adds to the story. And exquisite one of a kind head adornment! AND FITS ALL SIZES! You can see in on my gigantic bald melon in the last photo. Not to be missed.
Enjoy- Paul #hat #fascinator #skull #fashion #couture #macabre #quills #porcupine #PaulMoschell #denver #studio #artist #sculpture #wearableart


Freaked out yet strangely fascinated


Very creative, I'll give you that lol


@b_love OMG! You have to see this! ­čś▒

168 2 3


E 6th Ave
Denver, CO


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