Seraphina Picquery Funko Pop Giveaway

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So I have created a Facebook group for a comic book related service I have created. Basically if you need a comic book signed and graded or not at a convention you are not able to attend we can get it done for you. So to promote the group I'm doing this giveaway. As the group is new there will be more giveaways of comics, figures and other collectibles check back for more.

The pop is new despite the box being not mint (thanks USPS). Here are the rules:
1. Join the Facebook group the link is above
2 . On the group there are several pictures hidden with in the pictures are letters that form a word find this letters.
3. Unscramble the word and be the first to post it on the contest topic

First response with the correct word and the pop is yours. Good luck and have fun

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