Earthworm Jim Figure (and game)

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Earthworm Jim,
The soil he did crawl
Earthworm Jim,
A super suit did fall

Jim was just a dirt eating,
Chewing length of worm, flash
But all that came to a crash
And gave him lots of power

Earthworm Jim,
He's such a groovy guy
Earthworm Jim,
He rockets through the sky

Cruising through the Universe
Having lot's of fun,
Here comes Earthworm Jim you know
That he's the mighty one!
--- Look out ---

La la la la, la la la la, la la la...

Despite his great big muscles
And his really big ray gun,
Jim is still an Earthworm,
But then he's the only one,

With a super suit to make him really super strong,
Jim can be a winner if we only sing along..

Earthworm Jim,
We think he's mighty fine
Earthworm Jim,
A hero for all time


Earthworm, Jim
Hooray for Jimmmmmmm!

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342 0 5


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