WildC.A.T.S #2

74 0 1

August 9th 1992
McLean, Virginia: After the explosion at Georgetown, Void teleports all of the WildC.A.T.s away from the battle-scene. However, a Psi-Op named John Tyrell at International Operations intercepts her warp-signal and the group are temporarily piggy-backed to the I/O facility. They flash briefly in front of Director John Lynch and his assistant Alison Turner before teleporting again onto the team's aircraft, MIRV. The energy feedback kills Psi-Op Tyrell. Lynch wants retribution and has the MIRV tracked. He sends out a team of Black Razor’s to investigate them.

The WildC.A.T.s go to one of Grifter's safe-houses in Quantico. They explain that the reason they grabbed Voodoo is because she can see Daemonites in their natural form – and furthermore, she is the only one with the power to exorcise them from their human hosts.

74 0 1


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