Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 1

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A hero will rise and a world will fall!

It's a new day for the Man of Steel and all is well with the world. He's married to his long-time love, Lois Lane. As Clark Kent, he finds his job as a reporter both challenging and rewarding. He also has the manace of the scientific cabal Intergang on the run in Metropolis. As a matter of fact, the city under his protection stands throughout the world as a shining example of a modern-day Camelot.

But even as Superman travels to the country of Kazakhstan to confront a frightening new enemy, the mysterious and deadly Subjekt 17, he receives a grave warning from an ancient sorcerer concerning the future: Camelot is destined to fail...and somehow, it's all Superman's fault.

With this terrible vision revealed to him, will the Man of Steel have the strength to stop it from coming true? Even if it means going against everything that Superman stands for?

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