The Espressione Supremma Super-Automatic Coffee/Beverage Center

5042 N 70th St Scottsdale, AZ
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The Espressione Supremma Super-Automatic Coffee/Beverage Center puts café-quality drinks at your fingertips, with its intuitive design and touch-screen controls. Go from bean to cup in seconds, as the Supremma does all the work for you! Equipped with eight programmable options, a commercial-style ceramic grinder, innovative steaming and frothing features, this Espressione is the natural choice for home or office use. #EspressoMachine #ForSale

Programmable Options

The #Supremma lets you extract one or two shots of espresso and choose from a large or small beverage size to suit your needs. A true super automatic espresso machine, this Espressione model also has a programmable water-hardness option, a descaling feature, as well as timer and sound controls. Alerts will notify you when your coffee is ready, or if the machine requires your attention—for instance, if the water tank needs to be refilled, the side door has been left open, or the dregs container needs to be cleaned. Sound controls will let you silence these alerts, should you not wish to be disturbed.

Programmable Options


The Espressione Supremma takes advantage of the Coffee Essence System (CES), a gentle pre-infusion cycle that saturates grounds to preserve and extract the full flavors and aroma of your coffee. Along with the unit’s professional-grade brew group, CES delivers authentic #espresso topped with rich, thick crema.

Steaming and Frothing

The Supremma gives you a few options to get your desired steamed or frothed milk. Pour milk into a frothing pitcher and take advantage of the Maxi Cappuccino steam wand to create the perfect froth. Want frothed or steamed milk dispensed directly into your cup? Use the bonus Cappucinador; it can be easily attached to the machine. Place the Cappucinador’s tube into the milk and the machine will suck in, froth, and dispense milk ready for a latte or cappuccino!

This super automatic machine can also dispense hot water for teas, soups, and hot chocolate.


The Supremma Beverage Center comes equipped with an integrated commercial-style ceramic burr grinder. Grind fineness can be adjusted to meet your needs, using a dedicated control knob. Ceramic burrs will help minimize heat transfer and safeguard the integrity of your coffee, delivering uniform grinds every time. You can also skip the grinder in favor of pre-ground coffee.

Display and Controls

The front panel of the Supremma is anchored by a crisp, gorgeous #LCD display. Touch-screen controls allow you to customize your beverage selections, activate volume and timer controls, as well as initiate the descaling process. You can also set the water hardness feature to accommodate the water in your area. A test strip is included with your machine to help you determine the pH of your water.

The Supremma’s LCD touch screen uses illuminated icons to make programming a simple and intuitive process. The flat touch-panel display is also easier to clean and maintain than its push-button counterparts.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This innovative #Coffee Center goes through a self cleaning cycle every time it powers down to keep the unit in optimal brewing condition and prolong the lifespan of the machine. Espressione recommends that you descale after every 500 cups; the Supremma will alert you when a descaling cycle is required.

Additional Features

Programmable automatic shut-off feature
Clear, illuminated 1.8 liter removable water tank with visible water level indicators
Space-saving design
Anti-drip valve with self primer
Thermo Cream System with filter
Integrated cup warmer and removable drip tray
High-pressure safety
Voltage – 120V/60Hz
Power – 1150 Watts


@junebug yes its special it retails for 950-999.99. Received a new one as a gift recently therefore putting this one up for sale. We sure love our espresso in my house and we hope someone who loves it just as much can enjoy this machine. Barely used wonderful condition.


Wow this is the fanciest coffee maker ever lol

33 1 3


5042 N 70th St
Scottsdale, AZ


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