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Here I present to you the lovely Celadonna. A true Green Goddess. Celadonna's head is vintage Armand Marseille (pre 1930). I used real bronze leaf around the crown of her head and then sealed it to keep it brilliant. She wears children's WW II cat glasses with the lenses removed and are embellished with paints and Japanese micro beads and a touch of glitter (pronounced glitta). Vintage jade green glass bead chandelier earrings (from Wisconsin of all places) drip from her lobes (this season is all about the chandelier earring in my studio) and old German blown glass eyes pop out and are also accented with bronze leaf.
Sepia tears run down her face.
Celadonna's dreads are a variety of jungle greens and browns. They are synthetic and hand crocheted. #Art
Her body is an old tea tin which I painted over and highlighted with acrylics. Before I sealed the tin I attached a music box inside with a small hole made in her back so the 'winder-upper' could poke through. She plays a very lovely tune. Nice for dancing. 3 pins can be found on her body. A "God Is Love" church pin. A bronze framed Madonna snd Child. And then, much to one's surprise, a tiny pink donkey Democratic button from the Truman era. She's a progressive Catholic gal.
The butterfly on her head wrap is vintage brass with yellow rhinestones and worn between her eyes is a tiny cross containing a mustard seed which represents her faith and the corresponding parable which appears in 3 of the 4 Canonical Gospels.
Celadonna's arms are vintage factory wooden spools painted with sepia and celadon green paints. They also have a touch of glitta and green painted beading dangle as her hands. Her legs are true birch branches which I preserved and then sealed the ends (her feet) in more bronze leaf to compliment her head. Also used - wire, beads, oil crayon, industrial strength resin and spit.
Celadonna is a tall girl at almost 35 inches and comes with her own hanging kit.
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Thanks very much


Your art is amazing man.

59 1 2


7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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