Handmade RD Rose Pen Gift Set

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Handmade rose pens, silver. Theses are made with love, time, and attention. I love crafting it's a hobby and side job for me! Please take notice that these take a lotttt of time to do and the materials are not cheap. These are great for gifts + Decoration for you office or workplace! Please support me in making my hobby into a business :)!

1 bow jar
6 Rose pens
A special gift
Plus more!

I also make these in gold, blue, and red! I also can combine colors and make different designs with the jar and pens!

If you would like to order take please take note that it would take 2 days to get your order ready and on the 3rd day I would mostly ship your order.

All packages would be secure and in good condition, I do my best and I give my all in my work!

Also I would like to like your review on the item, so I could make improvements. Also they pens might have a mild smell to them, I am still testing and improving the materials I use, just a heads up.

Price is FIRM!

Thank You!


Yeah, it sometimes get frustrating, but the frustration makes me aim for perfection.😊


Are they pretty hard to make?


Thanks a lot! 🤗


Really pretty!!

58 1 2


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