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30 packages/ box (4 gram/ package)
E-Munity is a highly nutritious powdered beverage that combines the polysaccharidesfound inCordyceps Mycelium, Shiitake mushroom, ABM mushroom, and Maitake mushroom with antioxidants in cassia seeds and blueberries to boost the body’s immune system and prevent cancer. 
Consuming E-Munity regularly helps to prevent our cells from becoming cancerous due to exposure to radiation from electronic gadgets including mobile phones, computers, electrical appliances, as well as industrial machines.
E-Munity also helps to strengthen an immune system that has been weakened by stress in order to fight bacterial and virus infections, speed up healing, enhance energy levels, and nourish the brain cells.
Take E-Munity regularly to nourish your body, 
prevent cancer, and achieve optimal health.
Don’t let stress ruin your life! 

🍄Shiitake mushroom can help boost the body’s immunity. Shiitake mushroom can also enhance the function of the body’s natural killer cells to destroy cancerous cells and viruses. It is used to strengthen the immune system, reduce fatigue and stress, and support the kidneys, liver, and heart.
🍄Cordyceps Mycelium also has cancer-fighting nutrients and helps to prevent the spreading of cancer. 
🍄ABM mushroom is able to stimulate the production of cancer-fighting lymphocyte T-cells, helper T-cells, interferon, and interleukins in the body. It also increases the activity rate of natural killer cells in our body to destroy cancer cells and viruses, quickly and efficiently.
ABM mushroom can increase immune cell counts in the body andstrengthen the immune system.
🍄Maitake mushroom contains potent anti-tumor polysaccharides which inhibit tumor growth andprevent normal cells from mutating to cancer-causing cells.
🍄Cassia seeds help to promote a healthy liver, kidneys, intestines, and eyes, and are high in antioxidants that can prevent cancer.
🍄Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants that help to reduce oxidative DNA damage and protect our bodies from damage by free radicals that contribute to aging and diseases such as cancer.

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