Teddy Bear Pink Dog Pajamas

300 W Franklin St Baltimore, MD
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Adorable and soft pajama's made with lightweight flannel fabric. In addition, teddy bears and heart prints are all over them! Accented with 2 functional pockets and white piping. Snap button closure.

Small: 8-10" in. Length 12-14" in. Chest 7.5-9" in. Neck
Medium: Length: 10-12" in. Neck: 9-11" in. Chest: 14-16" in.
Large: Length: 12-14" in. Neck: 11-13" in. Chest: 16-18" in.

Length measurements are the bottom of the neck to the butt. #Dogs #DogSupplies

6 0 0


300 W Franklin St
Baltimore, MD


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