WWE Zombies - Triple H

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The King of Kings, Triple H is the second in my set of WWE Zombie action figures, which include;

- The Rock
- Triple H
- John Cena
- Dean Ambrose
- The Undertaker
- Paige
- Bray Wyatt
- Roman Reigns

I'll be posting them as I get them

#wwe #zombies #actionfigures #thegame #tripleh


Yeah that is an awesome Hogan!! Looks like a great Raw but Im on UK time so ill catch up properly tomorrow @lifeofafigure


They had a hogan coming out but he's not with WWE any more. It was a nice one, google it .


Yo man thats actually a really nice zombie fig. Nice pic too. Just watching raw and u ?


@lifeofafigure As promised!

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