Esther - Assemblage Doll Wall Piece

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I am pleased to present to you Miss Esther. My latest assemblage work. Esther has a lot going on. Her head is vintage German porcelain and then hand painted with acrylics by myself. I turned her lips blue and cold as well. Her body is a Matell Easter egg from 1953. It has a crank behind her left arm that used to turn and play music but it is now broken. SHE IS BROKEN!! She is a broken girl. Heart broken. But not her spirit.
Esther is a proud member of the Audubon Society as you can see from the badge she proudly wears next to her rosary — (Seasonal Catholic). She wears a lovely vintage floral hanky and painted plastic flower to conceal hickys. Esther's legs are vintage factory wooden spools- painted. Vintage composition jointed doll arms all painted by yours truly. Her ghostly, heavy weight eyes were commissioned by myself from a glass blower in China (Love Them) and they are accented with fresh water pearls. Her golden chandelier earrings are period and I found those in London. They took forever to arrive. We waited patiently.
Her earrings compliment the golden butterfly that can be found on her head wrap next to an old portrait pin of her grandmother, a tiny bird, a hat pin and a vintage plastic and rhinestone, yellow, flower brooch with an Immaculate Heart Mary dingle dangle.
Now.. Her Hair. Synthetic crocheted icy blondes with cherry tip dreads. It wraps easily around its own self to create a head turning poufant. Esther insists that her hair be worn in this fashion AND with accessories. You can see her hair down (last photo) which I posted against her wishes. She keeps it styled UP with the vintage skull cocktail stir (painted), Three VERY long African porcupine quills and sassy yellow bird (more love for the Audubon Society).
Esther is 28 inches in length (not including her quills) and she is a WALL PIECE. She has a hole in her upper back for hanging. Esther is solid and set in place with the exception of her hair accesories which can be removed for styling. Also random paints, glitter, micro-beads, oil pastel industrial strength resin etc.
Enjoy ... Paul.
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@cosetter3 Each piece is different in time from start to finish. Usually once I start assembling with what I have in my studio, I start to envision what other elements I needs to finish the work. Then I scour the globe and have to order specific objects that I want. The waiting for components to arrive part can take weeks. I spend usually 1-2 months collecting and assembling the work. :)


Cool! How long did this take you to make?

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7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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