Dark Avengers #183

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The world congratulates the Avengers for saving the world once again. Meanwhile, in Sharzhad, Songbird is bringing in the Dark Avengers. Toxic Doxie attempts an escape by controlling Songbird, only for the Dark Avengers to be subdued by their nanites, their control resting with Kell, the only surviving F.A.C.T. member.

Suddenly, a giant rock moves, revealing a wounded Sultan Magus. He promises to regain his strength before seeking his revenge on America, despite the Thunderbolt's insistence that F.A.C.T. acted alone.

The Quinjet arrives to take Kell and the Dark Avengers home. At the same time, Skaar loses the mind lock Sultan Magus placed in him to prevent him from transforming while Cain Marko loses the power of the Juggernaut. Though Marko is willing to surrender for the Raft's destruction in Fear Itself, Luke Cage tells him he's not to blame for Kuurth's actions. In turn, he admits he wasn't a good leader for the Thunderbolts.

42 0 1


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