Creature Replica's Louisiana Rougarou

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A gigantic werewolf lurking in the swamps of Cajun country Louisiana, under a magical curse of lycanthropy, stands 8 ¾” high with 23 points of articulation, and a swamp base adorned with a skeletal trophy marking his territory.

The Louisiana werewolf is the rougarou of the bayou - a very similar-looking creature.

Louisiana is a fascinating place and full of legends from long ago. Is there a Louisiana werewolf? Well, the rougarou of the Bayou country has a pretty strong link to the werewolf of ancient times in Europe and France. Louisiana is a lovely place to visit. However, if you do go there, it is wise to consult long-time residents on the local legends of the area, especially about creatures like the rougarou of the Bayou. It is always good to know which areas should be avoided.

Similar to the European werewolf, the rougarou is a man who can shape-shift, or transform, into a creature. The name rougarou comes from a variant pronunciation and spelling of the French loup-garou. Loup is the French word for wolf, and garou is a man who transforms, shape-shifts, into an animal.

In the French Louisiana areas, the rougarou has been the stuff of legends for several generations. The legends originally came from either the early French settlers or the French Canadian immigrants (Acadia) centuries ago.

Apparently, the Cajuns believe the creature prowls in the swamps around Acadia and Greater New Orleans. It might also be lurking around fields, forests, and maybe just anywhere it chooses to. It is a creature with a human body and a wolf head.

In Laurentian (Laurentian Mountain range) French communities, there are legends of the werewolf. Now, a werewolf, or lycanthrope, is a human who has the rare ability to shapeshift into a creature with a wolf head and human body. The rougarou has this same ability, therefore, has strong links to the werewolf.

End of Summer

As summer comes close to ending and cooler weather approaches, tales of the rougarou begin anew and are often embellished year after year. And the closer it gets to Halloween, the more outlandish the stories get.

It has been known that the creature will roam the streets at night antagonizing everyone it meets until someone stabs or shoots it. The rougarou will purposely do this because at the first drop of blood it returns to the original human form. He can then tell his attacker who he really is. The trick is, though, that the person who attacked the rougarou cannot tell you, or anyone, about this for 101 days - or he, too, will become a rougarou.

Now then, there are ways to keep the rougarou away from you. You can roll up a leaf from the swamps and keep it in your wallet. Or, if you are creative, paint a hexagon shape on the middle of your floor, stand in the center of it, and say prayers to protect you. However, if you do not believe the rougarou stories are true, and you do nothing, you may be heading for a bout or two with a rougarou.

So, it stands to reason that if you do intend to visit around the Bayou areas, you should not be doing any rougarou'in (staying out late and running around the streets) -- unless you think you might be staying for at least 101 days.

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#goldrush The name of the company that makes these figures is called Creature Replica Inc., and I purchased them figures at my local comic book shop. Never heard of them either. I did some research and checked out some reviews online and I was impressed. But, it wasn't until I held them in my hand that I realized that these are some top tier quality figures. They have it all. Quality, solid plastic made figures. Great sculpt, great articulation and they come with these amazing, highly detailed stands which are also top quality plastic. I'm going back and picking up the remaining two in the series, the North American Sasquatch and HorrorHound. They came out in 2015. Recommend you purchase these figures. Especially if your into the horror genre or simply an action figure. They're works of art in my opinion. You can purchase the entire set at


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