NES Wrecking Crew Game Samurai Version

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Nintendo Entertainment System was very popular all over the world but in some countries laws was very strict. Which made it very hard for Nintendo to be sold in their country. India's laws and regulations was so strict that it made Nintendo change their name to Samurai NES. Due to the strict regulations, not a lot of consoles and games was ever produce for the country. The few that were sold to the consumers ended up in the trash because the people in that country wasn't into collecting games. That's why they're considered very rare among collectors. What I have here is a copy of a Samurai version Wrecking Crew with five screws on the back. The cartridge and the stickers are a lot different from the American and European NES. #rarenesgames #raregames #samurainesversiongame #nintendoentertainmentsystem #nintendo #NES

42 0 1


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