Yosemite Sam Model Sheet

1270 Gulfstream Ct Hallandale Beach, Florida
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"The rootinest, tootinest hombre this side of the Pecos" was created by director Isadore "Friz" Freleng for his l945 Merrie Melodies cartoon Hare Trigger. Generally considered to be the two-dimensional alter-ego of Freleng. Sam took on several different guises throughout his career including pirate and jailhouse guard, but it is his bellowing western blowhard character for which he is most famous. This model sheet is based on original Studio art of the short-tempered gunslinger. In the world of animation, a model sheet is a collection of drawings of a specific character used to show his varying attitudes.

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1270 Gulfstream Ct
Hallandale Beach, Florida


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