X-Men First Class Vol. 1 #2 of 8 (2006)

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Contains the story "The Bird the Beast and the Lizard".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
When most of the #XMen fall asleep on the helicopter, they realize that they are not in New York, but in Florida, on the vacation that the #Professor promised on the previous mission. He explains that Warren's family has a beach house they will stay at, since "they almost never use it". However, Professor #CharlesXavier (#Earth616) makes a stop at the house of one Dr. #CurtisConnors (more commonly known as #TheLizard to most readers.) However, when they arrive, they find that Dr. Connors is gone, and his wife says he is away on business, but #Xavier persuades her let them help her husband. She lets them watch a video recording of the doctor in his lab, which shows them that he transformed into The Lizard. Warren and the Professor persuade Mrs.Connors to take her son and go to her sister's house while Warren, Hank, and the Professor will stay to give Dr. Connors the serum. Meanwhile, Bobby, Jean, and Scott go to the Worthington's private beach to relax. When #Beast and #Angel go looking for Connors, they encounter alligators, and shortly thereafter Angel disappears into the water. Beast goes into the water after him, and pushes him back to the surface. Then Angel gets The Lizard off Beast, and they escape. Meanwhile, after Bobby went into the shade, and Scott took Jean into the water, his glasses come loose, and quickly closes his eyes, but Jean convinces him to fire full blast into the sea, and consoles him about his power's destructive nature. Back in the swamp, The Lizard catches up with Hank and Warren, and bites Hank's leg. But Warren takes The Lizard up into the air by the tail, but Lizard bites it off to escape. Hank tells Warren to rub the blood on plants to lead Lizard to his house, where they can administer the serum. They get to the house and Bobby freezes Connors, and Hank finally administers the serum and Dr. Connors changes back to normal.

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33 0 0


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