New X-Men Vol. 2 #31 (2006)

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Contains the story "Nimrod 4 of 4".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
The #NewXMen continue their battle against #Nimrod, determined to stop him before he can wipe out the rest of mutantkind. Working together, they devise a strategy to destroy Nimrod by overloading its temporal displacement equipment.

Their plan is a success but in the final battle, #Rockslide is pulverized into rubble and dust and #X23 is fatally wounded. Rockslide survives and reconstitutes himself in a more jagged, rocky form.

#Hellion is determined to save X-23 and flies her to the #XavierInstitute. Desperate to save her, he begs Miss Frost for help and she removes the internal psychic controls on his powers. This amplifies his telekinesis to a level that allows him to break the sound barrier and get Laura to #Elixir to be healed. Hellion forces Elixir out of his coma and the act of healing X-23 partially restores his golden skin.

Meanwhile, Nimrod materializes in the past and the #Purifiers plot their future moves to destroy the New X-Men.

#Marvel #comics #firstprinting

76 0 1


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