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Hulk gets trapped on another planet by the Illuminati where he overthrows the emperor and becomes their king. This story leads into the World War Hulk event.

Plot Summary

The Illuminati (a group consisting of Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Namor, and Dr. Stephen Strange only – Charles Xavier was absent) meet to discuss the recent destruction of Hulk and how to deal with him. The decision to deposit Hulk on a peaceful uninhabited planet is interrupted by a wormhole, placing the savage Hulk on the violent planet Sakaar.

The green skinned warrior quickly bonds with others like him in a gladiator arena, as well as creates an enemy of Red King. Through his conflicts and troubles Hulk unites a planet by killing the tyrant king, while finding a kindred spirit and falls in love with the warrior Caiera. Hulk, the savior of the people, is crowned king with Caiera as his queen. The peace does not last for the green goliath however, but instead leads to the destruction of Sakaar and the terribly destructive World War Hulk.


Trapped on the violent planet Sakaar by the Illuminati, Hulk has finally found peace. After the events of the Planet Hulk storyline Hulk has defeated the Red King, become a king and a savior to a world full of aliens, liberated the spikes, and found a wife and family in Caiera and their unborn child. For the first time in his life Hulk is happy. However, all this was taken away when the shuttle exploded and destroyed hulks kingdom along with his wife and unborn child. Thus, he sets off on a quest to avenge his fallen, and make the illuminati pay for what they have done. Little did he know that it was his companion, Miek, that was at fault here.

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125 0 2


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