Mickey Mantle 1950's Hiawatha Pro Master Vintage Mitt

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I obtained this mitt from a friend on July 2, 2017. This is a model 25-1969 Gambles Hiawatha Brand Pro Maker circuit 1950's. ........Gambles Hardware and Auto Supply was founded in the 1920's by Bertin Gamble and Philip Skogmo. Gamble-Skogmo Inc. eventually became a conglomerate of retail chain stores including Department , Furniture and Toy stores to name a few. Gambles Hardware was founded in Minnesota near the large wholesale hardware distributor, Farwell, Ozmun and Kirk. F.O.K. had the Hiawatha Brand on many of their goods at the turn of the century. The Hiawatha legend was renowned in that area with public sculptures, parks and trails named after the Native Indian leader. Gambles trademarked their own Hiawatha brand circa 1950 and used it some of their own products such as bicycles and baseball gloves. The button on the back wrist is missing but still a cool mitt considering the model.

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