Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 2

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For mankind to survive... Superman must first let civilization crumble!

From out of the past comes a vision of the immortal Arion, once the Lord High Mage of Atlantis, with a simple yet horrifying warming for the Man of Steel: for mankind to live... you must let civilization fall!

The human race has become increasingly reliant on heroes like Superman, forcing even old friends like Perry White to wonder if that dependence is, in the end, robbing the human spirit of something vital.

Yet even as Superman debates with himself and his friends whether he should heed Arion's warning and allow the world to fall into anarchy in order to save it, the Man of Steel must also contend with visits from the Young Gods of New Genesis, the Justice League's concern over his state of mind ... and the menace of Subjekt 17!

The future may take many paths... leaving Superman caught between the dire warnings of a mighty sorcerer and his every instinct to keep fighting, never to surrender no matter how hopeless the battle.

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