Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1 #62 (2005)

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Part of the 'Magnetic North' story arc.

Contains the story "Magnetic North (Part II)".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
In the Savage Land, #Longshot fights for survival, taking down a pterodactyl for his meal. As he retrieves his weapon from the downed dinosaur, Longshot is greeted by #ScarletWitch. Longshot is astonished to meet the daughter of his hero, #Magneto. Wanda just laughs it off, stating that she is not there to rescue him, she is there to bring him to justice. Longshot becomes angered that the rumors of Wanda working for humans are true, making him spring into action, throwing arrowheads at his captor. Wanda out-maneuvers the flying weapons, Longshot shocked that with his luck, he usually never misses. Wanda laughs, her powers altering the probability around Longshot. Wanda contacts #NickFury, alerting him that she has caught the fugitive and is wondering if she should bring him back to #Genosha. Fury instructs her to bring him back home as he was caught in neutral territory.

In Chicago, #AlexSummers is arguing with #EmmaFrost, angry that she handed #LornaDane over to #SHIELD after her magnetic fit. Frost argues back, stating she had to hand her over in order to protect the school, since there were many eye witnesses who saw Lorna use her powers violently. Frost assures Alex that there are good people watching over Lorna and they will help her with with this problem.

Lorna awakes inside a plastic cell within the #Triskelion, confused by her situation. Magneto comes to her, holding out his hand to help her to her feet. Lorna refuses, crawling back in fear of the radical mutant leader. Lorna tries to figure out why she is stuck in a cage with Magneto, curious if she is stuck in hell. Magneto tells the girl that is what #MalcolmX believed when he first ended up in jail. As Magneto gets close to Lorna, Pietro tells his father to back off the girl, letting him know that if he lays a finger on her, he will be in there to kill him. Magneto calmly tells his son, all he planned on doing is inviting her to learn chess, as he is an excellent teacher.

#CharlesXavier teleconferences with Emma Frost, letting her know that Lorna is in the same cell as Magneto. While Emma disagrees with Xavier, she believes they are doing the right thing. Xavier tells her that she should not tell anyone about where Lorna is being held until he can figure things out. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Emma's student body were patching into their conversation, learning of their friend's fate. Alex Summers comes up with the plan to break Lorna out of her prison, believing they can handle Nick Fury and his #Ultimates. While some of the school children disagree with the tactic, Alex convinces them this is what needs to be done.

Back in the shared cell of Lorna and Magneto, Magneto tells Lorna the truth behind Xavier and Frost, how their ideals are so similar because Xavier and Emma once had a relationship. While Xavier and Frost believe the world is full of gray areas, Magneto believes the world to be black and white as there are positive and negative forces working.

Xavier gathers the #XMen, revealing the mutant behind the attacks in Chicago was Lorna Dane. #Cyclops refuses to believe it was her, knowing that she had better control over her powers than anyone around him. He knows this because they had dated in the past. Xavier tells Cyclops that at the moment Lorna is not the problem but instead his Cyclops' brother, #Havok. Havok and his classmates stole a vehicle and are planning on breaking his girlfriend out of her holding facility. Xavier splits the X-Men in half, sending Cyclops and a team to track down his brother, while the rest fortify the Triskelion.

On the Chicago street where Lorna lost control, #Forge and another figure frantically pick up a mufti-directional electromagnetic field generator, cleaning up before the heroes figure out what really happened. The machine was built by Forge, in order to frame Lorna. The man tells Forge that breaking Magneto out is not going to be easy, but the big man has a master plan. The two crooks are caught by a police officer, but before the cop can make an arrest, is killed by the other man. The man picks up the woman cop's cap, placing it on his head and changes to become the officer.

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