Lilla The Frog Girl - Assemblage Piece

7739–7799 E 1st Pl Denver, CO
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Pulling these all-nighters are killing me but also paying off. Love this piece.
I started with this vintage doll (which I usually rip apart) but I decided to make her mohair wig quite unruly and then highlighted it with watercolor in shades of blues and greens. I tied off these tendrils with embroidery floss. I dirtied up her dress with oil pastel and did hand sewing with vintage buttons all around and also sewed on some metalic trims. Her face and body I covered with painted scales using oils and I also used resin and micro-beads to create patches of fungus or moss looking patches on her skin. Her original eyes I tweaked and are piercing! She holds vintage ceramic tipped flowers shoots in her right hand.
I screwed a very rare 1972 dodo frog tin from Switzerland into her head as a head piece and companion. I tapped holes through the tin to add painted wire antennas and finished off the tin with acrylics and moon beads and micro-beads.
I originally had her hanging from the ceiling but I decided to puppet her from a vintage wooden hanger that has been crocheted beautifully to match and I hung it from a green water valve to make her a wall piece.
I absolutely love her. She's like a frog princess.
Lilla is aprox 2 feet tall from water valve to toe.
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@schan Thank you!


Wow this is so amazing 😍

177 1 1


7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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