NECA Predator Kenner Deluxe Clan Leader Action Figure

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The Supreme leader of Yautja Prime, also known as The Grand Elder, Clan Leader has ruled for centuries and is proven to be the wisest and strongest leader amongst all Elders. His superior hunting record, fighting skill, and great cunning are legendary, earning him the highest position in Yautja society. Assassination attempts and tribal uprisings are commonplace for Clan Leader, but he has proved to be an invulnerable force, earning the respect of his people and striking fear into those who oppose him. He is rarely seen by his subjects and stories have grown from what little is known of him. He is said to be immortal, possessing abnormal strength and abilities, and many believe that his mechanical tendrils are sentient beings under his divine control. These tales have yet to be disproven.


52 0 1


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