Daredevil #277

Phillipsburg, NJ
53 0 1

This issue takes place before the Daredevil leaves New York City in the Lone Stranger Story Arc.

Vivian has the ablity to see things for what they truly are, These visions come on quickly and sometimes violently. Her husband Daniel views this as a mental disorder and as a psychologist is preparing a paper on it.

While out on Christmas eve, Vivian has one of her visions and bumps into Matt Murdock. he senses she is in distress and helps her home.

There Daniel is thankful for Matt's help and Vivian offers him dinner. During the dinner Daniel upsets Vivian and she storms off. Matt chases after her and saves her life. He then tells Daniel that Vivian needs someone other then Daniel''s help and convinces him he can't be her husband and doctor.

53 0 1


Phillipsburg, NJ


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