Superman: H'El On Earth Graphic Novel

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Guest-starring the #JusticeLeague, #SupermanHElonEarth (Collects #Superman 13-17, #Superboy 14-17, #SuperboyAnnual 1, and #Supergirl 14-17) is the complete crossover event from the super-team of #ScottLobdell, #TomDefalco, #MikeJohnson, #KennethRocafort, #RBSilva, #MahmudAsrar, #IbanCoello, and #RogerRobinson. Win or lose, Superman's world(s) will never be the same!

All H'El breaks loose.

Superman is the #LastSonofKrypton. Supergirl, his cousin, is that dead world's last daughter. Superboy, his clone, bears its legacy in his legacy in his DNA. But the power of Krypton fuels another being. A being more powerful than any of these three heroes. And far more mad.

They call him H'El.

Combining godlike strength with immeasurable mental powers, H'El claims to be a long lost student of Superman's brilliant father Jor-El. He has come to Earth to use its resources in a last-ditch attempt to save Krypton from its fate. And if our world must die so that his might live... so be it.

Now Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy stand divided. The time has come to decide: Which world are they truly loyal to? And what are they willing to sacrifice to save it?

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