Tarantulas トランスフォーマー Beast Wars Original

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Nominally, Tarantulas was one of the Predacons to join Megatron during his theft of the Golden Disk and the search for Earth. In addition to being an utterly psychotic, sadistic sociopath, he has a record for treachery rivaled by few other Transformers. He is actually an agent of the Tripredacus Council, which is trying to coax the Beast Wars toward an unspecified goal, where neither Autobot or Decepticon won the Great War. Who knows what other dark secrets lie in his past.
If anything upsets Tarantulas, other than losing a potential meal, it's those pompous aliens who call themselves the Vok. He harbors a hatred for them strong enough to make him work to eliminate them by any means.
Sometimes his name is spelled as Tarantulus. Sometimes he goes by the name Mesothulas.

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