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Funko Pop
Madcap Chase Edition (Metallic)
Hot Topic Exclusive
From Deadpool's Merc$ for Money

I remember watching the Hot Topic live Periscope a week before this released and paid attention to what they said hoping not much people knew about them because there's so many flippers in SoCal. Me and 2 of my friends went to 3 different Hot Topics separately in the hope of finding one for ourselves at the least and selling to the others who couldn't get it if we were lucky to get two. It turns out, this was the only one we could find because some people camped out, some people brought scales to weigh them, some already knew where to feel the box for the shape of Madcap's hat and some had Hot Topic workers just hand them the heavier ones. One of my friends just settled for the regular one and the other agreed to let me keep this one if I split the cost of one from eBay for him to get his. At the end of the day, this mystery box thing is a good sales pitch but honestly they shouldn't have told people how much the weight difference was or any clues. I felt bad for people that had to spend lots of money in the hopes of them getting one. I myself bought 5 as well as my other friends. Lines were too long, flippers already bought out the heavier ones and they were already going for $80+ on eBay on the first day. Good thing Popcultcha is there for the people that couldn't get it that didn't mind not having a sticker.

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