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⚙️🛠🛠2 weeks warranty
🍺100km 800w 48v 28ah
🍻10"inch wheel
🍺3 speed L1-18km L2-38km L3-55km/hr max
🍻front and rear suspension
🍺Disc brake
🍻cat eyes front led safety light
🍺rear braking led safety light
🍻anti-theft function with remote control up 100m
🍺USB charging function
🍻 200kg max load
🍺water proof ip6 level (adapt to the weather)
💝free seat, front pouch,Hp holder, and much more
🍺motor isolates from the tyre so that the tyre wouldn't be heated up after Long distance
🍺both suspension make great comfort when riding
🍻can be locked with any chain through suspension

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