OMG Wilson Phillips Matchbox Paintings

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OMG Wilson Phillips Matchbox Paintings!
To wrap up this years Black History Month, I have created a hand painted set of Wilson Phillips matchbox paintings. I pulled my inspiration from the early years when Carnie was a bit more portly. I have always been obsessed with WP since my Senior year of high school. I had to go on Spring break with family and their debut cassette got me through. Holding on for just one more day.
Then I was so excited when I heard that a local radio station (WZPL) was hosting a contest "Win Breakfast With Wison Phillips"! For three days you had to be the 9th caller at 9am. I didn't win. But that did not stop me. On the day of the event I camped out in the back parking lot of the radio station. I was expecting a mass grouping of fans but it turned out to be just myself and another boy who had a car with T tops. I had figured the girls would discreetly slip into the back door and I could get a peek or maybe even an autograph. But they had gone in the front and I had missed them! I was devastated. Then A guy with feathered hair and satin jacket popped his head out the back door and invited T Tops and I in to meet Wilson Phillips! My persistence had paid off and a dream was coming true. I actually got to hang out with WP more than the contest winners! They sang accapella numbers and we all shared a large spread of Entenmann's pastries (this was the "breakfast"). Then T Tops asked Chynna if she would pose with him on top of his car for a photo and she said no. That's when things got weird and my breakfast with Wilson Phillips came to an end.
I still love when Wilson Phillips pop up. Like in Bridesmaids when Melissa McCarthy says "Oh man, I love Wilson Phillips". Ha! So here they are. In Moschell matchbox history. Delicately painted onto chunky vintage matchboxes with hand selected and adorned matchsticks. A wonderful set that could be framed beautifully by any hard core WP Fan. You may enquire here or you will also be able to find them in my ETSY shop under Paul Moschell!
Enjoy ~ Paul
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Definitely unique. Well done!




this is so creative


These matchboxes look really cool




The fact that it's a tribute to Wilson Phillips made me giggle but I guess I can't talk since I still feel the same about New Kids on the Block 😂

270 5 5


1401–1433 Powerhouse Pl
Denver, CO


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