Civil War: Front Line Vol. 1 #10 (2007)

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Part of the 'Civil War' event.

Contains the story "Embedded", Part Ten.

Preview (no spoilers):
#SallyFloyd and #BenUrich realize #TonyStark's role in the Stamford disaster while the traitor in the pro-registration side's ranks is discovered.

Contains the story "The Accused", Part Ten.

Preview (no spoilers):
#RobbieBaldwin comes to a decision and decides to register with the government. With his identity as #Speedball already revealed due to the Stamford incident, he decides to create a new identity to represent the pain and suffering he feels he's responible for in Stamford. After burning his old costume, he has a new costume designed, and becomes #Penance.

#Marvel #CivilWar #comics #firstprinting

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