Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1 #76 (2007)

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Part of the 'Cable' story arc.

Contains the story "Cable (Part II)".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
#Wolverine and #Cable continue to fight one another in the Danger Room. Cable indicates that he is actually Wolverine, but from the distant future. #Logan doesn't believe him – notably when Cable points out that his mission in the present is to kill #ProfessorX. Cable plants several micro-detonators on Wolverine's chest, and the explosions nearly kill him.

#Rogue and #Iceman race in and Bobby attempts to freeze Cable into place. #Colossus and #Cyclops show up as back up. Cable breaks free and plants a detonator on Iceman. He then uses knockout gas to take care of Colossus. Realizing that he cannot take on all of the #XMen at once, he instead decides upon a strategic retreat. He grabs #JeanGrey as a hostage, and then erects a force field barrier. With the X-Men at bay, Cable activates a teleportation device and escapes from the mansion.

Following the battle, the X-Men gather around to discuss a possible rescue operation. Suddenly, another dimensional rift opens up and a strange individual calling himself #Bishop enters the room. Bishop is clearly from the future, and has come backwards through time to stop Cable – but he is too late.

Elsewhere, Cable places an inhibitor collar on Jean and locks her away in a cell. He then prepares for the next stage of his plan – this time however, he’s bringing his teammates – #XForce.

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