Daredevil #270

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Blackheart is a creature made from all the despair and evil the world can offer. On an isolated hill, soaked in memories of painful pasts, Blackheart is born. Daredevil fights his strangest villain yet. Guest-starring Spider-Man!

A brutal murder on a hill became the site of many crimes and atrocities. Eventually this hill became evil. One evening a boy and a girl friend came to the hill and he boy's unwanted advances on the girl brought the birth of Blackheart. He killed the boy for his horrible ways and killed the girl as a sacrifice.

Then Mephisto appears congratulating his son only to be attacked by Blackheart. Mephisto subdues him and tells him to be truly evil he should have gotten the good-hearted woman to kill him and also that he must hide his true form to human eyes for they will weaken his power. He should only show his true form to those worthy.

Meanwhile, Daredevil is feeling like his old self again after all the ordeals he has been in recently. But in the old amusement park he senses movement. Blackheart immediately begins his attack. Daredevil realizes this is no ordinary opponent and pulls a weakened roller coaster on top of him which causes no damage. Luckily, Peter Parker happens to be riding a bus nearby.

17 1 1


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