1930's Vintage Adult Pinstriped Baseball Uniform

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Found this vintage 1930's era adult sized baseball uniform at an antique store in Edmonds, Wa. This uniform consists of the jersey, pants and the original hat. It appears to be made out of pinstriped flannel and has been used. There has been some patching done to the back of the pants and both the jersey and the pants look as if they have blood stains on them. Unusual is the fact that the hat survived. Well used, but very cool to say the least. On the jersey by both arm pits there are two manufactured holes sewed in for I guess for venting. I heard one time that in the early years baseball jerseys were outfitted with something on the short sleeve that would enable the player to attach the long arm sleeves to the jersey because they couldn't afford two shirts and when long sleeves were needed they attached them. There is also some writing on the inside tail of the jersey that says " 1124 McKinney". And on the inside of the waistband of the pants that say 15-88. I have know idea what these mean. The back of the jersey has felt or cloth letters that say "10"

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