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I bought this vintage jewelry box a few weeks ago at a thrift store for $3.00, but I wasn't a huge fan of the dark, glossy wood, so I decided to change it up. I started by applying various mixed media & collaging techniques on the top of the box by using mod podge and tissue paper for the base and then stenciling some designs using texture paste. When it was dry, I sprayed the box top with varying colors of blue and green alcohol inks and then let that dry as well. After that, I started gluing down and assembling the found objects for the design on the top of the box. I used everything from vintage keys, locks and hardware to broken bits of vintage & contemporary jewelry, buttons, bottle caps, dice, scissors, and lots of other random bits. Once that was done, I painted over all of the assemblage objects with black acrylic paint to achieve a darker, shadowy base which would help to make the metallic teal and gold paints pop more. I used a flat paintbrush and turned it sideways, just grazing over the objects with the metallic paints and highlighting their various textures. I finished it off by painting the rest of the box the same metallic teal-blue paint. 

The inside of the lid is all mirror, which is great for focusing/amplifying/scrying. The top shelf is holding some small vials of salt, some charged full moon water, feathers and my special loose incense blend that I always burn while spellcrafting. It also holds my coal discs (used to burn the incense), a Pentagram pendant, a fluorite crystal pyramid and some other sacred geometry-shaped amethyst crystals, a seashell, raw citrine, various aromatherapy blends, a jasper arrowhead, a small double terminated smoky quartz point, a small vial of copper and some acorn seeds. Also on the top shelf is a small taxidermy butterfly, which I use as a reminder of creating positive change in my life. The middle shelf holds my candles, my scissors that I use for any magickal workings, some matches, my amethyst prayer beads, a mini abalone shell (for saging), an antique floral frog (used for putting in vases to help florals stay in place-- I use it as a perch for my round crystals), a small tin that I use as a "mini cauldron," A star-shaped tiger's eye crystal, various colored threads for binding and other spellwork, some sticks for binding, a selenite platform and some seed pods. The bottom drawer holds a small clear vase (for any potions or to hold feathers), my sage stick, various types of feathers, my Renaissance tarot deck and mixed bag of crystals and stones.

I love the way it turned out and hope you do too! I might even make some more to sell if anyone would be interested!

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@ernnd I tried to fit as much as I could haha... @fkirks definitely agree 👍🏻 @comedisa thank you! 😁


looks awesome


this could be really useful to anyone into crafts


oooh looks like there a lot of great lil trinkets

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526 N Fairview St
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