Astro Squad: Barrage (Transformers Micromasters, 1990)

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The Astro Squad is a team of Autobot Micromasters from Transformers Generation 1, circa 1990. Each 2 robot team transforms into individual vehicles & combines into a single large vehicle. Each can combine with any other Micromaster combiner to form new vehicles.

The Astro Squad team of 6 consists of:

• Barrage (Gray, wheeled truck)
• Heave (Gray radar trailer)
"There's no speed limit to where we drive."

• Phaser (Space shuttle nose cone)
• Blast Master (Space shuttle rocket)
"Peace in space means peace on earth and throughout the universe"

• Moonrock (Red, wheeled truck)
• Missile Master (Missile transport)
"The price of freedom is always high!"

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@segoranova I love these lil guys:)


@vasquez58 thnx😁


Great little Transformer


very cool 👍🏼

79 0 3


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