Bad 'Ol Putty Tat

27 Realty Dr Cheshire, Connecticut
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Proudly presenting “Bad Ol' Putty Tat”! This limited edition was inspired by a scene from the Merrie Melodies cartoon "Tweety Pie," directed by Friz Freleng(1905-1995). This short was both the first to combine the inimitable pair of Tweety of Sylvester (called Thomas in his short), as well as the first Warner Bros. cartoon to win an Academy Award. This scene finds the intrepid feline bringing down the ceiling in a failed attempt at a feathery snack. The concept for this art was conceived of and developed by Mr. Freleng. It is the last in a series of three unsigned Friz Freleng limited editions that were produced after his death in May of 1995.

3 1 1


27 Realty Dr
Cheshire, Connecticut


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