Batman And Robin: Born To Kill Vol. 1 Graphic Novel

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In #BatmanandRobinBorntoKill, writer #PeterJTomasi (#BrightestDay) and artist #PatrickGleason (#GreenLanternCorps) reinvent the classic #Batman and #Robin relationship for a new era... and a new DC Universe! Collects #BatmanandRobin 1-8.

Batman does not kill... but will Robin?

Batman and Robin - The Dynamic Duo. The #DarkKnight and the Boy Wonder. And now, father and son.

Unlike the other Robins, #DamianWayne was groomed from birth to become the world's deadliest assassin. As Damian's violent tendencies threaten to end Batman and Robin's partnership, a mysterious killer from #BruceWayne's past comes to Gotham, looking to end the Dark Knight's life.

He calls himself #NoBody. He travels the globe in shadow, picking off those he consider guilty and making them disappear without a trace. Now this sadistic murderer has targeted Batman for destruction, but first he'll take from him the one thing that matters most. When NoBody offers Damian the chance to give into his dark nature, will the newest Robin betray his father to become the assassin he was destined to be?

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