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Hey guys

My name is Deadpool (Dean) and I am from Seattle WA. I want to take a moment to let you that I am very happy with you guys liking and reposting

I know my English and grammar is pretty effing weak! But I'm trying to deliver you some good deals and I love to deal with you personally if you message me

I like to invite you and your friend to check out my YouTube channel which I don't update often and if you help me out I will be updating more often

I do give aways - I have a lot stuff that I want to give out for free but I need your help following - liking - sharing or reposting

I have a lot stuff I want to share with you but you have to share my stuff with everyone you know!!! I like to also keep conversation on the comments with everyone !!!

Oh and I will be taking better picture of everything I have for sale and what I don't have for sale as well

So yeah hit me up or I'll kill ya! Jk

Like - share - follow

Also if you want you can use my link to get started on your shopkick if you want to trade points for gift cards

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@grinnber Astro a 40 for Xbox one


what kind of headphones are those?

60 1 3


19631 International Blvd
SeaTac, WA


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