Cyberbooks - Ben Bova

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I hope you can read the second picture it's about the book that was written in 1989. If not here's the blurb,
Sometimes fiction predicts the future.....

"Now wait a minute, you mean..."

"That's right!!" Said Carl "You don't have to chop down trees, make paper, haul tons to printing presses,haul printed books. You move electrons and photons instead of paper. It's cheap and efficient"

Malzone sighed , " publishers won't need printers, paper, ink, wholesalers, salesmen, managers, truck drivers, not even booksellers?"

"The whole thing can be done electronically, shop by TV, over the phone, transmit anywhere. " said Carl

In a near whisper Malzone tells Carl ,"you're going to get both of us killed".


Just found it today. I put it in my to be read stack.


Have you read it? If so, what do you think of it?


This looks very interesting ­čĹŹ

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