Doctor Strange Japanese Movie Program

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This is an original 2017 movie program.

This has over 30 pages of wonderful photos, not all of which I could show in the photos. Also has details of each character and actor, details of production and those behind the scenes.

Inside is another smaller book, the book of the mystic arts (have tried to show at least the cover in the photos) that has details about the Sanctum Santorum, Kamar-Taj, comic history, props and so much more. This book alone has 10 pages.

The outside cover is encompassed in a plastic acetate as I tried to show in the first 2 and last photos.

This is definitely one of my favourite programs due to the amount of detail in it and it's shear beauty.

#doctorstrange #marvel #theancientone #mordo #kaecilius #cloakoflevitation #eyeofagamotto

334 0 3


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