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As those that watch the popular HBO show can appreciate, Game of Thrones only does things on a large scale. Because of this, it should not be surprising that this also applies to the Funko Pop Game of Thrones vinyl figures. Rolled off into their own line like many of the other huge franchises, Pop! Game of Thrones continues to grow with basic figures for many of the characters and more limited exclusives that offer a chase element.

While the standard Pop! sculpt means that most figures check in with a similar size and look, specific figures have enough detail to make them instantly recognizable to fans. Starting with Tyrion Lannister, Funko Pop Game of Thrones has quickly expanded to cover most of the main cast and even secondary characters. Not just limited to the human subjects, the many notable animals of GoT are not left out.

The more major series releases generally fall in the five-to-ten figure range but are supplemented with a variety of exclusives that are only found at certain events or retail outlets. These Funko Pop Game of Thrones exclusives tend to be the rarest and most valuable of the bunch. This is especially true for the editions that carry very limited production runs or are simply harder to track down based on their point of origin.

01 Tyrion Lannister
01 Scar Tyrion Lannister w/ Black Attire - PopCultcha
02 Ned Stark
02 Headless Ned Stark - 2013 San Diego Comic Con
03 Daenerys Targaryen
03 Daenerys Targaryen w/ Gold Dragon - Barnes and Noble
04 Khal Drogo
05 The Hound
06 White Walker
06 Glow in the Dark White Walker (GTD) - HMV

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Series 2

07 Jon Snow
07 Beyond the Wall Jon Snow - Walmart
08 Robb Stark
09 Arya Stark
10 Jamie Lannister
11 Cersei Lannister
12 Renly Baratheon
13 Brienne of Tarth
13 Bloody Brienne of Tarth - Hot Topic

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Series 3

14 Joffrey Baratheon
15 Hodor
16 Drogon
17 Tywin Lannister
18 Ygritte
19 Ghost
19 Flocked Ghost - 2014 San Diego Comic Con
20 Rhaegal
21 Battle Armor Tyrion Lannister
22 Viserion - Hot Topic
23 Grey Wind
24 Wedding Daenerys Targaryen

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Series 4

25 Mhysa Daenerys Targaryen
26 Jon Snow Castle Black
26 Muddy Jon Snow Castle Black - Hot Topic
27 Samwell Tarly
28 Sansa Stark
29 Petyr Baelish

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Series 5

30 Oberyn Martell
31 The Mountain
32 Grey Worm
33 Wight
34 Viserion - 6" Super Sized Pop
35 Golden Hand Jaime Lannister
37 Ramsay Bolton - GameStop
38 Iron Throne 6" - 2015 New York Comic Con

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Series 6

38 Margaery Tyrell
39 Bronn
40 Jorah Mormont
41 Stannis Baratheon
42 Melisandre
43 Harpy
44 Night King
45 Unsullied
46 Drogon 6" Super Sized Pop - Hot Topic
47 Rhaegal 6" Super Sized Pop
48 Mag the Mighty 6" Super Sized - 2016 San Diego Comic-Con

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Multi-Packs and Bundles

Khal, Khaleesi & Rhaegal 3-Pack Blu-Ray Bundle - Amazon
Khal & Khaleesi Wedding 2-Pack - ThinkGeek
15 Daenerys & Drogon 2-Pack
Metallic Daenerys & Drogon 2-Pack
Drogon, Rhaegal, & Viserion 3-Pack - HBO
Metallic Drogon, Rhaegal, & Viserion 3-Pack - HBO/GameStop

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114 1 1


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