Funko Pop! 93 Reaper

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2016 Funko Pop #Overwatch takes a look at the first-person shooter (FPS) video game from #Blizzard Entertainment that centers around a future Earth that is under siege from #omnics (robots). Featuring a cooperative gameplay, several key characters are included in the initial lineup and a pair of exclusives.

The #FunkoPop! group includes a test pilot in #Tracer, an ominous mercenary named #Reaper and the lethal assassin #Widowmaker. Collectors can also find a six-inch figure for #Winston, the genetically enhanced gorilla complete with square-framed glasses. Exclusives include #Pharah from Blizzard Entertainment and #Soldier: 76 found only at #GameStop.

The figures showcase the characters from the Overwatch video game found on PC, Playstation and xBox. The 2016 Blizzard game release has proven to be a mainstream success and also favorably viewed by game critics. Gamers play in teams of six with subjects that are broken into four groups: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support.

Funko Pop Overwatch Checklist
92 Tracer
93 Reaper
94 Widowmaker
95 Pharah - Blizzard
96 Soldier: 76 - GameStop
97 Winston 6"

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Funko did an excellent job on this


Been loving the game. Awesome POP btw.


i so love this Reaper


this is so great

301 4 6


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